Renault Celtaquatre

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Renault Celtaquatre

Two figures - 3m3 and 500 kg - summed up the ADV1 van, derived from the very popular Celtaquatre.

This ADV1 formed the basis of Renault's light commercial vehicle range, with payloads ranging from 500 kg up to 10 tons. Ironically, the launch of the Celtaquatre passenger car in 1934 coincided exactly with that of the Citroën Traction, its competitor. Though the rival 7 CV featured a much more revolutionnary design, the Renault was a great success due to its solidity.

Considering that the market usually preferred reliability and robustness to estheticism, for its design, Renault was very attentive to the needs of tradespeople. The five-meter steering lock, for example, was much appreciated for manoeuvrability.

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