Renault Dauphine

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Renault Dauphine

The 1093, released in 1962, gave ordinary motorists the chance to drive a higher-powered rally-ready version of Renault’s popular Dauphine.

Encouraged by the Dauphine’s brilliant competition record, Renault’s motor sports boss François Landon decided to launch a special version – the 1093 – in late 1961. The new model made a feature of its factory code-name (1090 was the mainstream Dauphine), and production would have to reach a thousand units in under a year for qualification in the “standard tourism” category. The 1093 was thus a true volume-production competition model, with larger headlamps, vented wheels, two blue stripes on the all-white body, and a powertrain upgrade giving a top speed of above 140 km/h.

It came on the scene just a little too late to substantially improve on the Dauphine’s already impressive track record, though it did win first place in the 1962 Tour de Corse (with Orsini and Canonicci), and performed very well at many regional events. Above all, it prepared the way for the R8 Gordini, which appeared in 1964 and would go on to delight hundreds of amateur and professional racing drivers.

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