Renault Espace

Theme(s) : Design, Innovation

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Renault Espace

The unveiling of Espace ushered in a revolution. With its unprecedented layout and fittings, would this “van” be accepted by the public at large?

Between the end of 1983 and spring 1984 Renault launched two important models: Renault 25 and Espace. The former was a classic high-end saloon, while the latter boldly opened up a brand new direction – the one-box. MPV. However, sales of Espace – co-designed with Matra, who had originally approached Peugeot – got off to a slow start. Several months passed before demand really took off. Inspired by the styling of the TGV train, the Espace (French for “space”) wore its name well, bringing with it a radical reworking of cabin space. It took this logic – initiated with the hatchback –to its logical conclusion, turning the cabin into a single reconfigurable space. The rear could be changed from a little living room with reclining seats into a large luggage bay. Having broken new ground, Renault kept its lead in the field with successive generations of Espace, with international automakers all following suit.

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