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Renault had never come so close to winning the constructors’ championship as with the RE40 in 1983, its best season during the turbo years.

Renault had been edging its way up the World Formula One ranking since 1980, and expectations were running very high for the 1983 season. After a lukewarm start, Alain Prost achieved a glittering victory in the French Grand Prix. By now there could be no doubt as to the supremacy of the turbocharged engine, pioneered by Renault back in 1975. Against very stiff competition from Ferrari, Brabham-BMW and Williams-Honda, Prost fought his hardest to stay at the top, claiming first places at Spa, Silverstone and Zeltweg, and earning podium positions at San Marin, Monaco and Brands Hatch. But though the 1983 season was Renault’s best in the turbo period, it had to make do with second place in the constructors’ ranking.

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