Renault Monasix RY2

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Renault Monasix RY2

The first medium-sized Renault to be powered by a six cylinder engine, the Monasix was the most spacious saloon car in its class.

It was an economical car, consuming moderate quantities of fuel, and three times less oil than other rival models. It was also cheap to run.

On the safety side, as of 1928, it features a mechanical servo-brake, a device normally found in bigger cars. Proof of its robust build was the 188 million kilometers covered by 5000 taxis over a two year period, a firstclass reference. In the sporting field, it showed its mettle by winning in 1928 the first two places in its category in the Maroccan Rallye at an average speed of 91 kph, an astonishing average given the state of the roads an tracks at the time.

It was available in four body styles, including a four-seater soft-top, a saloon and Torpedo . As of 1931, it was fitted with a rear bench seat adjustable lenghtwise, a luxury feature now found on modern-day vehicles.

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