Renault Road Sweeper

Period : Pioneers
Theme(s) : Innovation

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Renault Road Sweeper

In the early years of the century, Louis Renault developed a range of utility vehicles covering a broad spectrum of applications. The road sweeper is a good example of this speciality. The brush is mounted at the rear for a regular sweepig action. The well-balanced pick-up system is easy to manoeuvre from a lever located to the driver's left. an the system could be adjusted for a constant brush pressure, right down until there was no brush left. 


The Renault road sweeper also illustrates a number of the technical developments being introduced at Billancourt around this time : automatic carburetor, ignition by high voltage magneto, and lubrication by internal oil circulation. Under a 1905 Renault patent, the engine was cooled using a thermosiphon system with rear-mounted radiator and a fan driven by the engine flywheel. This meant cooling would be independent of vehicle speed, an appreciable advantage given the slow speed of this kind of vehicle. 

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