Renault Taxi Type AG

Period : Pioneers
Theme(s) : Popular success

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Renault Taxi Type AG

Renault’s Type AG, the very first Parisian taxi, would go down in history for its role in carrying troops to the Marne during the First World War.

The Type AG was designed with simplicity and robustness uppermost in mind, two qualities that would prove instrumental in bringing Renault the very first contract for taxi service in Paris. In 1905, there were 250 Type AG taxis on the roads of the French capital, rising to 1000 by 1906 and 1500 two years later. Taxi service provided valuable exposure for the Renault name and even brought recognition beyond France: in 1907, Renault sold 1100 units in London.

But the Type AG is best known for its historical role in carrying troops to the front in 1914, to stem the invading Germany army’s march on Paris. Paris taxis were requisitioned, and 1300 of them would carry 6000 soldiers to win the Battle of the Marne. Thereafter the Type AG would be known as the Taxi de la Marne. Renault’s involvement in the French war effort was intense, including developments such as the first light assault vehicle, the FT17.

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