Renault Type C

Period : Pioneers

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Renault Type C

Announced in the press as early as November 1899, the Renault Type C is presented in April 1900 at the Vincennes car show, the latter organized within the frame of the World Exhibition.


The change in design behind this new product is due to the adoption of an innovative cooling system, using water. The hood of the car therefore becomes a square, with cut sections, on which are fixed the elements that enable the cooling mechanism. The chassis, designed the same way as the types A and B, is both longer and larger and presented in three forms: convertible with 2/3 seats with removable backseats, "barrel" 4 seats and coupe 2/3 seats.


After its first victories in 1899 during the Paris-Trouville, Paris-Ostende and Paris-Rambouillet races, the young Renault Frères company claims its legitimacy in the automobile competitions by finishing first - with the Renault Type C - in two additional races : Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Toulouse, in 1900. The latter victories are one of the reason behind this car's commercial success, with 350 orders linked to these victories : 179 cars are produced in 1900 for a nation-wide production of 4100 cars this same year.

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