Renault Type CH

Period : Pioneers
Theme(s) : Innovation

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Renault Type CH

The Renault type CH was built from 1910 to 1912. In the history of Renault, this model’s birth year will always be remembered for the catastrophic flooding of the Seine:


From January 22 to February 3, 1910, the plant was submerged. At the very worst of the flood, with the shop floor under 2.20 metres of water, the press wrote that «the factory is used to overcoming adversity, and we safely predict that the powerful Billancourt establishments will be working day and night to resume production». They were right: it was business as usual after two months of arduous labour.

Clearly, natural disaster could not hold back progress: when the Type CH was released it boasted an avant -garde engine design (featuring heated carburettor and original patented cooling system) and a gearbox with direct-drive top gear, using the patent filed by Louis Renault back in 1898.

Throughout this period in Renault’s history, the company would patent numerous inventions for improving lubrication, engine cooling and fuel intake. There was even a patent for a lightweight rigid rear axle system.

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