Renault Type D

Period : Pioneers

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Renault Type D

Presented to the French authorities for an approval in February 1901, the  Renault 4-seater Type D featured the structure and proven innovations of Louis Renault's previous models.

Documents of the time describe the car as an elegant and practical scaled-down version of the bigger cars of the day. A Clio ahead of its time, in other words ! The same documents underlined the robustness of the Renault Type D's mechanicals and how simple the car was to drive and maintain.

The Renault Type D was followed by a Renault type E sports version which succeeded to fill the first four positions in the "voiturette" class of the Paris-Bordeaux road race. It also won the Paris-Berlin race - known as the 'Race of Madmen' - with four cars finishing in the top five ahead of cars from the higher category.

It was thanks to  its success in competition, therefore, that the model acquired a reputation for quality. And, indeed, sport was the only means manufacturers had of making a name for themselves during the early years of the 20th Century.

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