Renault Type DG

Period : Pioneers

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Renault Type DG

This magnificent Victoria with Rotschild coachwork illustrates Renault know-how in prestige vehicles around 1913.

Since 1904, Renault cars had taken on a very distinctive appearance, owing to the characteristic “crocodile” bonnet with radiator mounted behind the engine. As the range developed, the basic voiturettes matured, and an upmarket line developed, the ultimate expression being the ceremonial car like this magnificent Victoria.

The coachwork on this category of vehicle was usually handled by a specialist workshop, often deriving directly from a horse-drawn carriage builder. This particular car was signed by Rotschild, a firm with a century-long tradition of fine coachwork for hackneys, carriages and, yes indeed, victorias! This no doubt explains a style deliberately inspired by the horse-drawn vehicles of the past, with driver perched high on the front seat and passenger snuggled comfortably in the cushions at the rear, for a leisurely outing in the Bois de Boulogne. Access was made easy by a low chassis.

This model was built on a 1913 chassis for the Egyptian dignitary Abou Shanab Fadah, a prestige vehicle for a high-ranking personality.

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