Renault Vivastella

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Renault Vivastella

The Stella badge stood for upmarket motoring in the early thirties. Vivastella, Renault's top six-cylinder model, was one of its prime exponents.

In 1929, Renault decided on a "Stella" upgrade for its Monasix and Vivasix models. The upmarket Monastella and Vivastella thus took their places alongside Renastella, boasting the distinctive five-point star on their radiator grilles.

This was a time of change for Renault. In 1929, a design decision to fit the radiator behind the engine had brought about a major change in body style. The elegant "windbreak" radiator of the 1932-1933 Vivastella had accentuated classic lines, in perfect harmony with its luxury finish and quiet, powerful and responsive engine. With its discreet elegance, Vivastella was greatly appreciated by dignitaries. In 1933, the aerodynamics vogue brought streamlined styling to the model, with its connotations of speed, considered at the time to be synonymous with progress.

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