Nervastella TG4

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Nervastella TG4

The Nervastella. From its launch in 1930 until the early 40s, Renault produced new iterations of the range with enhanced styling and mechanical features virtually every year.

In terms of bodywork, enticing and elegant versions were available straight from the Renault plant, which allowed for tempting prices. More demanding customers could buy a chassis along with its mechanical components and entrust the bodywork to a craftsman coach builder. One such craftsman was Henry Binder who fashioned bodywork versions destined for unique purposes. Such was the case with this majestic Nervastella, which built on a TG 4 chassis.

Only 20 other special-purpose versions were built on the Nervastalla TG 4 chassis; a car, of which only 256 were made between 1932 and 1933. Streamlined shell-shaped headlamps are one of its outstanding styling features. The more mechanically-minded will appreciate the eight-cylinder engine and four-speed gear box, with synchronized third and fourth gears; a high-tech luxury that was rare at the time. 

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