F1 R25

For 2005, Renault F1 Team was officially aiming for the world championship title.

F1 R25 on bend of race track

Victory is just around the corner!

No effort was spared to reach this goal. Fisichella was back alongside Alonso.The new car boasted an innovative front suspension system and optimised aerodynamics. And there was a new engine capable of running in 2 successive grands prix.

Two F1 R25s on race track

And the winner is...

Despite unbelievable pressure from Schumacher with Ferrari and, above all, Raïkkonen and Montoya with McLaren Mercedes, Alonso finished champion driver (with 7 wins, 8 podium finishes and 6 pole positions) and Renault constructors’ champion (with 8 wins and 10 podium finishes).


This was the first time ever that a volume carmaker had won both F1 championships.

F1 R25 on race track
F1 R25 with driver
F1 R25 on French race track

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