Renault 10 was the last of the rear-wheel-drive models, which began with 4 CV.

RENAULT 10 MAJOR on the road

Styling meets comfort

Renault 10 Major was unveiled at the 1965 Paris Motor Show alongside the new Renault 16. Renault 10 Major was built using the same platform as Renault 8, but with the front and rear extended to create a more spacious boot. Special attention was given to its finishes to appeal to customers who prioritised comfort.


An automatic version featuring a 3-speed gearbox was launched in 1966. The following year, designers gave the car a new look, which included rectangular headlights—very trendy at the time—and lower rear lights.

RENAULT 10 MAJOR side view

A car that appeals to women

These upgrades made Renault 10 the best-selling model among women. Two years later, the engine was swapped out for a more powerful 1300 cc unit, carried over from Renault 12, which had been launched concurrently.


During this time, the Renault range was undergoing its transition to front-wheel drive, and Renault 10 was inevitably discontinued. In 1971, it was dropped from the catalogue. A year later, Renault 5 was launched, opening up a whole new chapter.

RENAULT 10 MAJOR rear view
RENAULT 10 MAJOR front view
Two RENAULT 10 MAJOR models side by side

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