It was the first time that Renault had presented a mass market model with so many different versions when it first went on sale in April 1978.

RENAULT 18 car park

A range of options to suit every taste!

Four trim levels were available immediately: TL, GTL, TS and GTS. A wide range of different customer tastes could therefore be met with the equipment provided as standard and a combination of options.


Officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1978, Renault 18 was intended as a replacement for Renault 12. It was designed with a more traditional body shape to complement the brand’s line-up, the style of which was primarily functional at the time. This saloon car featured improved interior space thanks to its 1.65 m width and a rear boot capacity of 390 dm3.

RENAULT 18 front end

“Meeting international requirements”

As regards its technical aspects, Renault 18 was largely based on Renault 12: a wheelbase of 2.44 m, independent front-wheel suspension, torsion beam rear suspension and power-assisted braking, with brake discs and drums. The structural design retained the longitudinally-mounted engine, with a timing belt-driven lateral camshaft.


Renault 18 was the best-selling family car in France. It was also well known outside of France, as it was intended for international markets, reflected in the advertising slogan used at the time, "Renault 18: Meeting International Requirements".


In 1986, Renault 18 was replaced by Renault 21.

RENAULT 18 brown
RENAULT 18 parked
RENAULT 18 Eiffel Tower

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