Introduced in June and marketed in September 1988, Renault 19 was the new “voiture à vivre” or “livable car” from Renault.

RENAULT 19 red side view

The “Zero Defects” car

As a result of the finishing and manufacturing it offered and its 'zero defects' promise, Renault 19 became the first total quality car at Renault.


Renault 19 seduced and managed to capture significant market share in Austria and Germany where it was one of the best-selling foreign cars.

RENAULT 19 grey rear view

A big success

In 1989, Renault 19 was voted car of the year in Spain and later, in 1993, in Argentina.


Throughout its career, Renault 19 was available in several versions. No fewer than 15 versions were available, with just over 70 models based on combinations of options. In 1996, the Douai plant produced the last Renault 19.

RENAULT 19 black left side
RENAULT 19 grey front end
RENAULT 19 red parked

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