Renault unveiled Renault 30 at the 1975 Geneva Motor Show, and its release would be a technological game-changer.

RENAULT 30 TS beige

First mainstream front-wheel drive vehicle

Fitted with a V6 engine, power steering and a 5th door, it also focused heavily on safety with the integration of cutting-edge solutions: a body structure specially designed to protect passengers in the event of the most common crash configurations, as well as front and rear parts engineered to absorb impact through progressive deformation.

RENAULT 30 TS green

Something for everyone

Luxurious but not pretentious, Renault 30 TS offered power, a spacious interior, comfort and safety, all in one.

RENAULT 30 TS grey
RENAULT 30 TS London bus
RENAULT 30 TS grey side view

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