The likeable, versatile Renault 5 brought a new style to the Renault line-up with its ability to adapt to all kinds of customers.


A car designed for everyone

“Hi, I’m Renault 5. Also known as Supercar.”


– said the car in the cartoon-inspired advertising campaign to launch Renault 5. The advert was just as innovative as the car itself. The skill of designer Michel Boué made Renault 5 likeable. More than merely popular it was meant to be affordable, fun and versatile, adapting to each and every use and each and every user. As such, it did not replace Renault 4, which remained in the carmaker’s catalogue.

RENAULT 5 blue

An “all-terrain” vehicle and amazing success story!

As at ease in the city as in the countryside, the car came in a wide variety of versions with different finishes and performance levels. The sports version was badged Alpine. Renault 5 became France’s most widely sold model. The record year was 1980 when 666,026 units were sold—over half of Renault’s vehicle output. Yet it had been dismissed as a “three-door” supermini that would never be marketable in France.


In 1984, Supercinq (Super 5) took over and ensured its continuation.

RENAULT 5 red rear view
RENAULT 5 black on show
RENAULT 5 black and white

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