Clio marked a turning point in the history of Renault and of small saloon cars specifically.

RENAULT CLIO white front end

Size matters

4 July 1990 marked the car event of the year, with the unveiling of Clio, whose name brought to an end the use of numbers to identify models. As its advertising slogan would assert, the Clio was "the small car with big car attributes", both in terms of its dimensions and its successful step-up in quality.


Right from the first year, more than 30 versions in France alone made up the huge Clio range, available with 1 diesel and 5 petrol engines, 2 body types (with 3 and 5 doors) and 3 trim levels.


Competitive enhancements

In 1992, boosted by its status as "Car of the Year 1991", Clio consolidated its position ahead of the competition by offering improved features to its customers. The upper-range RT version saw the widespread installation of electric front windows and offered as standard body-coloured bumpers with fog lights. The robust front axle gave Clio RT 1.4 excellent road-holding and handling that was able to cope with all driving styles in all circumstances.

RENAULT CLIO motor show
RENAULT CLIO navy blue
RENAULT CLIO black front end

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