To meet demand from a clientele looking for refinement, Renault added the luxury Ondine model to its popular Dauphine range.

  • RENAULT ONDINE side view

Enhancing the car’s image

By 1960, five years after its launch at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, Renault Dauphine had carved itself a substantial slice of the market. The millionth unit came off the production lines on 22 February 1960. But underperformance on the US market prompted Renault to enhance the car’s image with a new luxury version, named Ondine. Dauphine already enjoyed a reputation for stylishness. Ondine would play heavily on this natural aptitude.

  • RENAULT ONDINE front end

An elegant and sophisticated car

Renault took Ondine to the next level, with a smart new interior finish, adjustable seats, two-tone colour scheme, chrome trims, special wheels and an optional metallic paint. This gave Ondine all the refinement of a more expensive model, appealing to customers who rate comfort higher than performance. Ondine also featured a four-speed gearbox, and could be fitted with the Gordini engine.


The pretty little Ondine was released in 1961—the year the 4 CV finally gave way to Renault 4—and would stay in the Renault catalogue for two years.

RENAULT ONDINE blue side view
RENAULT ONDINE in the mountains
RENAULT ONDINE on the road

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