Renault was celebrated at the largest meeting in Western France.

Discover the Renault models on display at the Rouen Auto Moto Retro Show.

Renault 4 at the Rouen Auto Show

The largest meeting in Western France

The Auto Moto Retro Show is held every year in mid September at the Parc des Expositions in Rouen. This year, Renault was the guest of honour, in recognition of the brand’s foothold in the Normandy region, especially with the nearby Cléon and Sandouville factories.


The show’s notoriety grows year after year thanks to the dedication of professionals and enthusiasts who help make this event the largest meeting in Western France. For two days, visitors can marvel at the most beautiful antique and classic specimens on display in the 33,000-square metre exhibition. 

Rouen Auto Moto Show

Renault 5, 50 years old and showing no signs of slowing down!

Renault Classic was centre stage at this 20th edition, with four Renault 5 models on display to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this beloved and iconic city car. Each display showed the wide variety of versions of a model that clearly stood out as the “car for everyone”. There was a Renault 5 for every type of customer.



At this anniversary stand, there was the first ever entry-levelRenault 5 launched in 1972, with its distinct diamond logo, as well as others such as the legendary Renault 5 Turbo with its red garb and one-of-a-kind dashboard. A truly colourful celebration! Visitors were also invited to discover the 1974 Renault 5 electric and the 1980 5-door Renault 5 GTL, the range’s best-selling version. 

2022 Rouen Auto Show

Renault, the guest of honour

The diamond brand was the guest of honour at the Normandy meeting. A entire section was dedicated to the brand with a display of at least 20 vehicles assembled by the classic car enthusiasts club Renault Cléon Normandie. Row after row, visitors traced the history of Renault, with models ranging from 1898 to 1980. Two pre-war models were loaned by Renault Classic for the exhibition. Discover them.

Type AG Taxi de la Marne at the Rouen Auto Show

The 1909 Type AG, the famous "Taxi de la Marne"!

Renault Type AG, the very first Parisian taxi, would go down in history for its role in carrying troops to the Marne during the First World War.


Type AG boasted a simple yet robust design which won it the bid to be the first taxi supplier. By 1905, there were 250 Type AG taxis on the streets of the French capital, rising to 1,000 in 1906, then to 1,500 two years later. Taxi service provided valuable exposure for the Renault name and even brought recognition beyond France: in 1907, for example, Renault sold 1,100 units in London.


These taxis really gained their notoriety in 1914, when they were called on to transport the troops to the front lines to stem the German army’s march on Paris, and 1,300 Parisian taxis would carry 6,000 soldiers to win the Battle of the Marne. Thereafter, the Type AG would be known as the “Taxi de la Marne”. 


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Type ii at the 2022 Rouen Auto Show

1923 Type ii

At the end of the First World War, Louis Renault saw an opening in the market to appeal to new potential motorists. He decided to offer simple cars that were easy to maintain and to drive, thus eliminating the need for chauffeurs.


The first such car to be manufactured was the 10 CV. It presented several interesting features. First, the solid gearbox, drive shaft and axle were joined without any cardan joints or flector joints. In addition, the rear suspension was provided by a single transverse leaf spring.


Launched in 1920, the so-called “GS” model was the first Renault car with left-hand drive. It is equipped with a monoblock engine. In 1921, the model was renamed “IG” and then “Type ii” in 1922. This longer variant had a wheelbase of 2.80 metres.



Renault offered Type ii in a variety of different body options: closed cabin, saloon, city coupé, landaulet, torpedo, cabriolet, and van.


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