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Vehicle collectors finally have their own platform. Here, you will find a whole range of services to facilitate your administrative processes, exclusive auctions, and helpful information to take full advantage of your classic vehicle.

Attestation Renault Classic voiture verte

Quick and easy, your attestation and certificate in a few clicks

Do you own a Renault or Alpine that is more than 30 years old? We assist you with ordering your attestation to obtain a registration certificate with the “classic vehicle” mention or a certificate of production and dating.


Whether rare or popular, your classic car requires specific formalities. Find all the certificates and attestations required. Enjoy your passion for cars without the hassle.


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Attestation Renault Classic intérieur bleu

The essential documents

You can now start a request online for:


The French attestation to ask for a registration certificate with the “classic car” mention from the French National Secure Credentials Agency (ANTS) and/or bring the vehicle in for a MOT inspection in France, even without a registration certificate.


The international attestation lets you carry an official Renault document that establishes the model, age, and main characteristics of the vehicle and that can be presented, for all intents and purposes, to the competent authorities the certificate of production and dating.


The certificate of production and dating lets you carry an official Renault document indicating your vehicle’s manufacturing date and the information from its manufacturing record.


Attestation Renault voiture bleue

Guaranteed delivery times

The deadline for obtaining these documents is 4 to 6 weeks in France and abroad, but you can opt for the fast option (+ 40€) to receive the document(s) in just two weeks, three times faster than normal!

Attestation Renault fond gris

More new services coming soon

Stay tuned, more new services for collectors will soon be offered on this new platform.  


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News Renault Classic

News Renault Classic

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