Renault and Artcurial Motorcars announce the start of an exclusive partnership.

Renault x Artcurial Motorcars

Renault, a historic mobility brand, and Artcurial Motorcars are proud to announce the start of an exclusive partnership. Vehicles from the Renault collection will be presented during each Artcurial Motorcars auction, in a special section entitled “The Renault Icons”, scheduled at Automobiles sur les Champs, Le Mans Classic and Salon Rétromobile.

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Renault’s collection includes over 800 vehicles retracing the brand’s history from its creation in 1898 to the present day. From old to more recent models, mass-produced vehicles to racing cars, we find models that have shaped generations of motoring enthusiasts. Such models include taxis de la Marne, “Stella”, NN, Juvaquatre, 4 CV, Floride, Estafette, Renault 4, Renault 5, and many more.


The collection is also jazzed up with two World War I FT-17 tanks, record-breaking vehicles, prototypes, movie cars, and small utility vehicles from all eras. So many treasures paying homage to Renault’s inventiveness and know-how spanning almost 125 years.

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Renault’s focus on this automobile collection is a strategic attempt to breathe new life into this exceptional heritage, thereby injecting a new vitality that is in line with the Group's future-oriented Renaulution.


With this in mind, Renault, a historical mobility brand, wanted to join forces with Artcurial Motorcars, the French leader in the Antique Car auctions and sales market, to regularly auction a certain number of its vehicles. These auctions will provide an opportunity to revisit the French car manufacturer’s rich history. Based on Artcurial Motorcars’ scheduled auctions, they will be organised at the Salon Rétromobile in February, Automobiles sur les Champs sale at the end of October and during their session organised during the Le Mans Classic event. Renault collection vehicles will be presented in a special “The Renault Icons” section at each of these auctions. 

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This partnership shall therefore start at the Le Mans Classic auction on 2 July. Eight lots of exceptional origin will be on offer, providing collectors with the opportunity of owning a part of this legend, and breathing new life into automotive treasures that until now have been kept in storage.


Hugues Portron, Director of Renault Classic: “To prosper, a collection must evolve, adapt and come alive around a core of key pieces. We are delighted to be supported by Artcurial in this process and to offer car enthusiasts the chance of owning a piece of Renault’s extraordinary history”.

Renault RE40 packshot profil

The Renault icons

Renault and Artcurial Motorcars are pleased to announce the first star of this “The Renault Icons” section: the exceptional 1983 Renault RE40-03 Formula 1 racing car driven by Alain Prost.


The 03 chassis is one of the four RE40s used by Alain Prost in the 1983 Grand Prix races. At the end of that season Alain Prost and Renault were respectively crowned World Driver and Constructor Champions. Fitted with a V6 Turbo engine generating 650 hp, this chassis took part in five Grand Prix races. It won the Belgium Grand Prix, finished in 2nd place in San Marino and 3rd place in Monaco after being in pole position.


Matthieu Lamoure, Manager Director of Artcurial Motorcars: “This partnership between Renault and Artcurial Motorcars will project both brands into the future, the first opening its history books to shape the future, the second offering its wealth of experience and expertise in international Antique Car auctions and sales. Two French companies at the forefront of innovation working together in harmony”.


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