As part of this year’s 60 years of 4L communications campaign by Renault, the brand’s popular and emblematic L’Atelier Renault is launching a special exhibition dedicated to this icon. The public will be able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind exhibition of one of the best-selling models in automotive history: the infamous 4L.

atelier renault window exhibition for Renault 60 years of 4L

Renault 4: a cultural pop icon

A genuine “car for everyday living” and a symbol spanning several generations (from the 1960s to the 1990s), Renault 4 is a true success story. Over 8 million units were sold in 110 countries, and it would eventually become a symbol of freedom: freedom of mobility, freedom of expression, and freedom to love.


Inspired by the art of illustrator Greg, the colourful and unique staging of the exhibition exemplifies this sense of freedom, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of a timeless cult classic and driving force of liberation in the past, present and future.

Renault 60 years of 4L exhibition

first 4L exhibition open to the general public

Starting on 24 September, a selection of Renault 4 models from the Renault Classic collection will be on display for the first time in the heart of L’Atelier Renault. Located on the world’s most stunning avenue, the models will be on display for the pleasure of car enthusiasts and passersby.

“Renault 4 goes electric”

From the display windows, passersby will be able to admire Renault 4 ePlein Air! Unveiled in July 2019, this shorter, electric version is a nod to the 4L Plein Air icon.


Upon entering the flagship exhibition, curious onlookers will discover Renault 4 through three immersive spaces that highlight the model’s various cultural facets.

Motor show for 60 years of Renault 4L

“Free to love”: a French pop icon

After its launch, Renault 4 quickly became the car to beat. It broke all conventions and refused to conform to social norms, merging design and equipment accessible to all. 4L would shine as a cultural gem, being featured in films, major festivals and fashion shoots... a star was born!


In this space dedicated to love, visitors will discover the 4L Parisienne canework version! This unapologetically “trendy” Renault 4 was launched in 1963 during the “She’s in the driving seat!” campaign in partnership with ELLE Magazine.


With its dark green exterior, the 4L features a stunning canework design or attractive Scottish tartan pattern on the doors and rear tailgate. 

Motor show for Renault 4L 60 years

“Free to travel”: a sporty icon

In 2021, Renault 4 is still present on the automotive landscape. In all four corners of the globe, enthusiasts and aficionados meet up with their restored, modified, yet still world-renowned vehicles. Today’s thrill-seekers continue to gather to see 4L at rallies around the world.


Visitors will enjoy the Renault 4 “Terre de Feu – Alaska Exhibition”, a sports tribute to four adventurous Parisian women who set out on an incredible journey. On board two 4L models, they travelled the 40,000 km between Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and Anchorage, Alaska, crossing the entire length of the American continent in just over 4 months.

Renault 4L on the podium

“Free to be an everyday hero”: an everyday icon

The iconic 4L became the go-to car for the masses in France. Blurring social categories and adapting to all cultures, it would be known as the car for everyone. 


In this space dedicated to everyday heroes, visitors will discover the rotating “Renault 4 – Public services” display throughout the exhibition. From firefighters and police officers to postal workers (in their iconic yellow), civil servants made 4L a benchmark vehicle for daily life, renowned for its intrinsic qualities, reliability and easy maintenance.

On the top of the L’Atelier Renault podium sits Renault 4 ”Bye Bye”, the last model to be produced by the Renault factories.

Renault 4 exhibition Illustrator Greg

practical information

L'Atelier Renault - 53 avenue des Champs Elysées

75008 PARIS

Metro station Franklin D.Roosevelt or George V


L'Atelier Renault website: atelier.renault.com

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