The fast, comfortable TX was the culmination of the Renault 16 range, which revolutionised the motoring world with its hatchback design.

RENAULT 16 brown

Both modern and comfortable

Renault 16 came as a bombshell when it first appeared in January 1965. The startlingly modern hatchback format, all the more original on a car in this category, brought unprecedented versatility, with different seat configurations transforming the car effortlessly into anything from a family saloon to an estate car. As so often happens, Renault’s lead would very soon attract a host of imitators. As well as taking a step forward in comfort, with long-stroke suspension systems, Renault 16 also introduced technical innovations like a diecast aluminium engine.

RENAULT 16 red

A trailblazing touring car, a true “<i>voiture à vivre</i>”

The emphasis on innovation continued with the TS version, which delighted motorists with a power upgrade and upmarket features like electric windows. But the highlight in the splendid career of Renault 16 came in 1973 with the TX, which offered still higher power, a five-speed gearbox, four iodine headlamps, a rear roof spoiler and even more luxurious equipment. 

RENAULT 16 grey
RENAULT 16 front end
RENAULT 16 black and white

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