Renault re-entered the prestige car segment in 1984 with Renault 25.

RENAULT 25 front end

A car that hits all the right marks!

The elegant saloon combined comfort, ergonomics, modularity, road handling, and style. Throughout its career, Renault 25 would receive a number of upgrades covering most of the vehicle functions, including equipment, engines, styling (with the phase II release), and on-board electronics (with features like the on-board computer and voice synthesis system).

RENAULT 25 rear view

New engine, unprecedented driving pleasure

In October 1987, Renault 25 received the new 2849 cc V6 injection engine, which featured offset crankpins for better crankshaft balance and computer-integrated control, with electronically coordinated injection and ignition functions. Comfort and driving pleasure were further enhanced by its drastically improved responsiveness.

RENAULT 25 anthracite grey
RENAULT 25 side view
RENAULT 25 anthracite grey rear view

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