“The Blue-jeans Car”, the new philosophy created by the visionary Pierre Dreyfus, gave birth to the legendary Renault 4. With its many different faces, Renault 4 was at ease about town, in the countryside and on the track for 50 years.

RENAULT 4 in a square

“She’s in the driving seat”

In 1963, Renault launched an initiative entitled "Elle prend le volant" ("She's in the driving seat") in association with Elle magazine. Female drivers had 48 hours to test drive the car and judge its qualities.

RENAULT 4 garage

The Parisian car

Renault 4 dressed up for the occasion in "canework" and "tartan" outfits. This version was christened "Parisienne" and was sold until 1968.


Model in the collection: Green canework model restored by Renault Classic to celebrate 4L's 50th anniversary.

RENAULT 4 white
RENAULT 4 grey
RENAULT 4 La Poste

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