The superbly elegant Floride symbolised the effervescence of the Swinging Sixties in France.

  • RENAULT FLORIDE front end

Sleek, elegant and a great success

Floride was previewed as Dauphine GT at the Geneva Motor Show in 1958, before appearing in its final form on the Renault stand at the Paris Motor Show in October the same year. Original colour schemes and an inimitable silhouette (the mark of Italian coachbuilders Ghia and Frua) made it an instant hit with showbiz celebrities, and the elegant model soon became inseparably linked with the name of Brigitte Bardot.

  • RENAULT FLORIDE side view

French chic with an Italian twist

“Hair flowing in the wind, tanned faces, happy smiles all round. People heading for the sun in Floride. Getting away from it all, at the wheel of a car so brilliant, so young, so refined”.


The freewheeling tone of Floride’s advertising copy sums up the carefree spirit that pervaded the 1960s. Floride got a power boost with the S version, which also introduced disc brakes on all four wheels. In 1963, Floride gave way to its sister Caravelle, which stayed in the Renault catalogue until 1968 and was also available in coupé and cabriolet versions.

RENAULT FLORIDE white front end

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